Wilby High School

United States History II

1865 1900


Understanding United States history is essential for the continuation of our democratic society. This course will help students make connections between their world and the rich heritage of United States history. The course is designed as a survey of American history with an emphasis on post-Civil War America (1865-Present). Instruction is differentiated and uses both a thematic and chronological approach.


Text: America: United States History, Pearson


Class Expectations: Students will leave this class with the ability to: think critically, analyze and process information skillfully, communicate their thoughts effectively while directing themselves down the path to becoming knowledgeable, contributing members of society.



Course Syllabus

Weeks 1+2+3: The Reconstruction Era [CH 12]

- Rival Plans for Reconstruction

- Reconstruction in the South

- The End of Reconstruction


Weeks 4+5+6: The Triumph of Industry [CH 13]

- Technology and Industrial Growth

- The Rise of Big Business

- The Organized Labor Movement


Weeks 7+8+9: Immigration and Urbanization [CH 14]

- The New Immigrants

- Cities Expand and Change

- Social and Cultural Trends


Weeks 10+11+12: The South and West Transformed [CH 15]

- Westward Expansion and the American Indians


Weeks 13+14: Issues of the Gilded Age [CH 16]

- Segregation and Social Tensions (Jim Crow)






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