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The purpose of this course is to prepare our students to demonstrate knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of citizens to participate and contribute to our democratic way of life. This course is aligned to both national and state standards for civics and government.


 Text: America: United States Government, AGS


Class Expectations: Students will leave this class with the ability to: think critically, analyze and process information skillfully, communicate their thoughts effectively while directing themselves down the path to becoming knowledgeable, contributing members of society.



Course Syllabus


Unit 1: Beginnings of American Government  [CH 1]

                           - The Need for Rules and Laws [Sec.1]

                                 - Influence of Ancient Governments [Sec. 2]

                                 - Influence of the English Government [Sec. 3]

                                 - Government in the American Colonies [Sec. 4]

                                 - American Colonies Join Together [Sec. 5]


 Unit 2: Creation of American Government  [CH 2]

                           - A Plan of Government for the New Nation [Sec.1]

                                 - The Constitutional Convention [Sec. 2]

                                 - Compromises Made at the Convention [Sec. 3]

                                 - Guiding Principles of the Constitution [Sec. 4]

                                 - The Struggle for Approval [Sec. 5]


Unit 3: A Look at the Constitution [CH 3]

                           - Preamble and First Four Articles [Sec.1]

                                 - Articles Five through Seven [Sec. 2]

                                 - The Bill of Rights: First Amendment [Sec. 3]

                                 - Amendments Two through Ten [Sec. 4]

                                 - Amendments Eleven through Fifteen [Sec. 5]


Unit 4: The Legislative Branch [CH 4]

                           - The Congress [Sec.1]

                                 - How Congress Does its Work [Sec. 2]

                                 - Powers of Congress [Sec. 3]


Unit 5: The Executive Branch [CH 5]

                           - The Executive Branch [Sec.1]

                                 - Electing a President [Sec. 2]

                                 - Duties of the President [Sec. 3]

                                 - People Who Advise the President [Sec. 4]


Unit 6: The Judicial Branch [CH 8]

                           - The Federal Court System[Sec.1]

                                 - United States Court of Appeals [Sec. 2]

                                 - The Supreme Court [Sec. 3]







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