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  U.S. History III


The purpose of this course is to prepare our students to demonstrate knowledge of the rights and responsibilities of citizens to participate and contribute to our democratic way of life. This course is aligned to both national and state standards for civics and government.


 Text:  United States History, Pearson


Class Expectations: Students will leave this class with the ability to: think critically, analyze and process information skillfully, communicate their thoughts effectively while directing themselves down the path to becoming knowledgeable, contributing members of society.


Course Syllabus



Weeks 1+2+3: The Progressive Era [CH 17]

                           - The Drive for Reform


Weeks 4+5+6: An Emerging World Power [CH 18]

                                 - The Spanish-American War


Weeks 7+8+9: World War I and Beyond [CH 19]

                                 - From Neutrality to War

                                 - Effects of the War


Weeks 10+11+12: The (Roaring) Twenties [CH 20]

                                 - A Booming Economy

                                 - Social and Cultural Tensions

                                 - A New Mass Culture


Weeks 13+14+15: Great Depression / The New Deal [CH 21+22]

                                 - Causes of the Great Depression

                                 - Americans Face Hard Times

                                 - Hoover’s Response Fails

                                 - FDR Offers Relief and Recovery

                                 - The Second New Deal

                                 - Effects of the New Deal


Weeks 16+17+18: World War II [CH 24]

                           - America Enters the War

                                 - The Allies Turn the Tide

                                 - Victory in Europe and the Pacific

                                 - The Holocaust


Weeks 19+20+21: The Cold War / Postwar Confidence[CH 25+26]

                                 - The Cold War Begins

                                 - The Cold War Expands

                                 - An Economic Boom

                                 - Mass Culture and Family Life


Weeks 22 thru26:   The 1960s and Vietnam [CH 27—CH 30]

                                 - The (Civil Rights) Movement Gains Ground

                                 - Kennedy’s New Frontier

                                 - Johnson’s Great Society

                                 - U.S. Involvement (in Vietnam) Grows

                                 - The War Divides America

                                 - The War’s End and Impact

                                 - The Counterculture


Weeks 27+28+29: Into a New Century (1992-Today) [CH 33]

                                 - The Computer and Technology Revolutions

                                 - Global Politics, Economics and Terrorism

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